Thank You for Joining the 21 daysystem Team

We are excited about your making the intelligent decision to promote this extraordinary product. But more importantly, you will be making a significant contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of the thousands of people who are struggling needlessly to good health.

You’ll find the more you sell the more passionate you will become about the message.

Honestly, you’ll not only feel good about selling this reputable, life-altering program when you go to sleep at night, but you’ll really enjoy jumping out of bed, turning on your computer and looking at your sales from the night before. It’s a really rewarding feeling knowing you can help someone else and at the same time make a difference in your own life.

You will be making 75% commission to a huge market of people that need to good health and stress. Our goal is to develop fun viral marketing products that will help minimize your expenses while at the same time teach lessons that will help your clients be able to good health behind them once and for all.

Here are your resource links:

Book Graphics and Images

Creating Banner Links

1. Select a banner.

2. Save it to your hard drive under a chosen name (bannername.gif.)

3. Upload it to a location on your server (bannerpath).

4. Copy the code below and paste into your html.

5. Replace AFFILIATE with your personal Clickbank nickname.

6. Change the bannerpath and bannername to their proper designations.

I have given you some code to paste into your html.

***Don’t forget to change the ‘AFFILIATE’ section in the links (inside the picture code) or else you won’t get a commission.

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